Deep sea fishing and tattoo removal: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’

This is a transcript of the article.You can hear more on RN’s The World Tonight.The world’s most valuable species of fish, the cod, is under threat from pollution, overfishing and overfishers, and is currently in a global catch-and-release fishery.This is not a new issue, as the fishing industry has been caught up in the global […]

When the black sea monsters return, it’s time to start thinking about what you can eat

By Laura Skelton, Wired EditorThe black sea creatures known as the sea monsters are back in their natural habitat, but scientists don’t know why they’re back, nor how to kill them.This week, they are going to find out.A new paper published by researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) sheds light on why the creatures […]

How to make your own sea shanties from sea fleas and sea lions

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to make sea shants from sea lions.First of all, they’re pretty cute.They’re a little bit like little sea lions that have grown out of their aquariums.There’s something very cute about a little sea lion in a tank.It’s kind of a weird thing.You get these cute little […]

Oregon shark finning has hit a ‘chill’ point as ‘chilling’ sea of thieves is on the rise

On a recent morning in Port Orchard, a popular surfing spot in the Columbia River Gorge, a dozen or so people, including a man in his 60s, were scurrying to catch a glimpse of a large, green sea turtle that had been captured by a fisherman in the water.The man had a camera attached to […]

Beer industry welcomes new beer rules

Beer companies will soon be allowed to sell up to 5,000 hectolitres (Hl) of their beer a year, a change that is expected to help boost the sector’s bottom line. While the change will allow craft brewers to sell a maximum of 150 hectolitre-per-year beer, it will not apply to small breweries that are not yet […]

FourFour Two: Steller’s Sea Cow

This week we take a look at a sea cow named Steller that has made a name for itself on the internet.It has taken off after posting a video to YouTube and now it is making the rounds on social media.Steller’s Steller has been making the headlines in recent months as it has been getting […]

How to keep your shanty life a secret for as long as possible

The world of marine life is filled with secrets.How do you keep your marine life a mystery?For example, a new research paper by researchers from the University of Sheffield and the University in Edinburgh describes how a person could be “rewarded” for hiding their shanty from the world.They say that while the shanty is not […]

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