Marine life in Washington may be threatened by sea urchins

Marine life is in danger of extinction in Washington after an unusual sighting.The Washington Post reports that a rare species of urchinus has been spotted in the Columbia River in the past week, though the cause is unknown.The fish has been dubbed “sea urchase,” and the Washington Post says that the fish may be the […]

How to make a home in the desert

A group of nomads is taking their skills from remote remote villages to the cities of Sydney and Melbourne.The men have been living in the deserts for nearly two years, and have been making some of the world’s most unusual homes.The group, known as The Desert Rats, have lived in the remote communities of the […]

New York Times reports on “baby sea lions” as they become endangered

The New York Time has a front-page story about the baby sea lions that are making headlines and prompting alarm.The Times reports that the population of baby sea lion is shrinking.The paper says the baby whales are at “serious risk of extinction,” because they eat fish and marine mammals and are “dangerously fast and powerful.”There’s […]

Which is the best sea salt to cook with?

flaky sea salts are an inexpensive alternative to regular sea salt, which is often associated with the more expensive, less stable sea salt.You can find them at most grocery stores or online, but they are less expensive than regular sea salts.You’ll also find them in a variety of dishes, including dips, salads, and soups.A few […]

Which sea green Juniper trees to grow?

With the weather warming up, I’ve started to grow some Juniper bushes to add to my garden.I’m also starting to look into Juniper bonsai trees, which are the most popular species for bonsuis, and plan to try them as a bonsua tree too.Juniper has an unusually high water content and, if you have access to […]

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