The Australian public are likely to be aware of the dangers of swimming in dangerous shark infested waters, but few realise that many of the animals are also predators.

Some of the species listed on the list of ‘most dangerous’ animals in the Great Barrier Reef are also among the most common.

The ABC has compiled a list of the most dangerous sea lions around Australia, which includes the Great White shark, which is considered the most venomous shark in the world.

These sharks are among the worst in the ocean, and they are most often seen in shallow waters.

Here’s a look at some of the sharks listed as ‘most poisonous’.


Great White Shark The Great White is a great white shark, the largest shark in Australia.

It has a gaunt appearance, measuring 6.5m in length.

It lives in the Indo-Pacific, where it lives in shallow water.

Its blood can be as thick as a human hair, and its teeth are so sharp that they can cut through steel.

It can also be dangerous in the water as it can inject a neurotoxin into the victim.

It is one of the largest sharks in the waters around the Great Australian Bight.

The shark can weigh up to 10 tonnes and is known to grow to a size of 30 metres.

It feeds on fish and squid, and can reach a maximum size of more than 100 metres.

The Great white can grow up to two metres long, but its main prey is seals.

In the wild, Great whites can reach speeds of up to 50km/h.

The great white is considered to be the most ferocious shark in Australian waters.

In a 2007 interview, Peter Gillett, the CEO of the Australian Museum, said, “They are not very shy, they are very aggressive, and it is the sharks blood that is able to make them really aggressive.”


Bluefin Tuna Bluefin tuna is one a very common food source for many fish species.

It may not be a particularly dangerous fish, but there are some who may not want to eat it.

Tuna can be a food source to a wide variety of species, including the common bluefin, but bluefin tuna has become increasingly rare in Australia due to the high levels of toxins in its stomachs.

Toxicity is a form of toxin, and the toxin in tuna can have effects on the nervous system.

It’s believed that bluefin toxin is able, at high doses, to cause permanent damage to the human body.


Black Widow Black widow is a shark that can reach more than 50 metres in length, and has the most destructive bite of all the sharks in Australia, with its venomous bite able to cause fatal wounds.

Black widow was once a common sight in the Northern Territory, but the population has declined drastically.

In 2009, there were only 300 of the venomous sharks left in the northern Territory.

They have been blamed for a significant number of fatalities in Australia and have been listed as one of Australia’s most dangerous shark species.

In 2010, the Northern Territories Fish and Wildlife Service announced it would be taking steps to protect the population, which had been at risk from a shark population decline.


Tiger shark Tiger sharks are a group of sharks that live in the Indian Ocean, and are a member of the tiger family.

The tiger shark is one the most powerful shark in nature.

They can reach up to 60 metres in size, and have teeth that can cut into steel.

In Australia, the tiger shark can be found in the southern waters of the Great Western Sea, as well as the Northern Islands.

It breeds in captivity and can grow to more than 25 metres in average length.

There have been reports of tigers being used in fishing operations.

The Tiger shark is considered a more dangerous shark than the Great white shark because of its bite.

It injects toxins into the human nervous system, which can cause permanent injury or death.


Sea lion cub Sea lions are an endangered species in Australia that are a subspecies of the grey wolf.

The grey wolf is a wild-caught species of dog.

They are the most endangered species of mammal in the country.

They live in forests and in coastal areas, where they hunt seals and other animals.

They were first introduced into Australia in the 1850s, and now number more than 5,000 in Australia alone.

Sea lions can grow as large as 3 metres and are commonly found in remote areas.


Pacific bluefin tiger Pacific blue fin tuna is a tuna species that is found in Pacific waters off the coast of Japan.

The species can reach over 60 metres, and is the most poisonous fish in the Pacific Ocean.

In 2011, a shark was caught off the southern coast of South Africa that had a length of more like 15 metres.

Its body was so long that the tuna could not swim in it.

This was the first recorded death of a tuna shark in captivity.


Blacktip reef shark Blacktip sharks

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