Posted March 06, 2018 15:04:52A new species, dubbed the Deep Sea Worm, is emerging from a marine park in Western Australia and is now roaming the coast.

The new species has been dubbed the Sea Worm and is found off Mount Hope Island in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the Australian Museum said.

“Its a little bit different to a lot of the things we’ve seen,” said marine biologist Chris Larkin from the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

“There’s no other species of this size or that size that we’ve found so far in Western Australian, so we know it’s a very unique one,” Dr Larkin said.

Sea Worms are a small species found in the deep ocean, about 10 metres deep.

They are a deep-sea species found around the world.

They feed on small crustaceans and crustacean larvae, but can also eat the smaller crustaceas and other marine life.

They also eat small fish.

“The Sea Worm is actually very aggressive and very aggressive in feeding off the bottom,” Dr. Larkin explained.

The new deep sea worm is also unique.

It’s only found in Australia, Dr Larkins said.

The species is named for the small creature’s long antennae.

“The antennae are extremely thin, so they can be up to a metre long and are quite thick, so you can’t really see the antennae very well,” he said.

Dr. Larkin said the species is small and will only be found off a small portion of the Great Sea.

The scientists believe the new species is also a threat for marine life because of its predatory behaviour.

“It does feed on a variety of invertebrates, so it’s an excellent food source for other species that live in the water,” he explained.

“What we’re hoping to do is just get the species in a small area to study and see if there are any predators that it might compete with.”

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