A black-and-white sea movie captured by a GoPro camera on a black sea boat in the Barent Sea looks like it’s about to hit the shore.

The whale, which is seen on camera for more than 20 seconds, then swims away.

A video posted on YouTube by marine biologist and underwater photographer Peter Hickey shows the whales’ movements in the water.

“This is really something we have never seen before in the sea,” Hickey said.

“It’s amazing that this is actually happening and it’s also quite spectacular, because it shows that these animals can swim in the open sea, that they can be very fast and they can also be very agile.”

Hickey said it’s a new thing for him to watch whales attack boats, but that’s not surprising.

“We see a lot of attacks on people and ships and so on.

I think we are all used to seeing these types of things,” he said.

He said there have been similar attacks in the past, including a calf attack in 2011, but never before has a whale been seen attacking a boat.

“In the past I have seen attacks from orcas, and that was a great shock, but this is something we don’t see in the normal environment that we live in,” he explained.

“The whales are so well adapted to living in the ocean.

They’re used to being on land, they live off the land and they have a good way of seeing the sea.”

Hicks and Hickey both said the whale attack is not a first, and it might be happening again.

“I don’t know whether it’s going to happen again, but it is something that is very unusual for us,” Higgs said.

Higgs said the whales usually leave the water and are usually swimming along the shoreline.

“A lot of these whales go out to sea to find food and mates and that’s why they’re not in the deep sea where they are so active,” he added.

“So the whales are not in great danger.

We can see them swimming along shorelines in the same way that they swim along the coastline.”

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