It’s the same story every year, with the same symptoms: Itchy, red spots that look like blood.

The problem is not that these spots aren’t there.

It’s that they are growing, and the red spots are multiplying.

There are many reasons why red spots may appear.

But the culprit isn’t just one or two organisms: They’re changing.

They are changing to a life form that is more efficient at absorbing CO2 and absorbing sunlight, making them more vulnerable to the damaging effects of climate change.

Red spots are one of the most visible and destructive of the marine life that is changing the ocean.

They form on the bottom of the sea, where the fish and other animals live, and they can grow for several years before finally dying.

It is estimated that by 2050, the number of red spots will increase by two to three times.

Itchy red spots on the sea surface are an indication of a fish’s ability to absorb CO2.

They can grow so fast that it takes them several days to develop, which means the fish are getting their CO2 from more than just their food.

Red-spotting is an issue of global concern.

As CO2 concentrations rise, the ocean is warming, causing the sea to absorb more and more CO2, which causes it to become more and much more acidic.

When this happens, it creates a new type of algae that can grow on the ocean floor.

This acidification causes the algae to break down their food, leaving behind the toxic carbon that causes the spots to form.

It has been estimated that there could be as many as 100 million red spots worldwide, and there are already signs that the ocean will be facing a significant risk from them.

But the new type that is thriving on the seafloor may be much more worrisome than the red sea itself.

According to a study published in the journal Nature, the new algae is producing more CO3 than the old ones.

This could result in more CO 2 being released into the atmosphere, which in turn could contribute to more severe ocean acidification.

What does this mean for the marine ecosystem?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a lot.

The acidification of the oceans is not only a threat to ocean life, but also to the fish that depend on it.

As oceans acidify, the CO2 in the atmosphere will be released into our atmosphere.

So when those fish are exposed to the acidification, they may suffer an increased chance of getting sick.

This may be why scientists are worried about the red tide and the potential for coral bleaching.

When fish can’t get enough of the CO 2 that is being released by the algae, they are more susceptible to the effects of bleaching, a process that can lead to the loss of coral reefs.

The red sea is a sign that the world is getting closer to the end of the ice age.

That is, we are entering an age when the oceans are becoming less acidic and the oceans can absorb more CO-2.

This is the first time scientists have been able to use new technology to measure changes in ocean acidity over time.

They used the global satellite data to track ocean acidities over time and compare that to the data of ancient marine creatures.

They were able to show that a lot of the changes over time are not in the way that we are used to seeing, but in a different direction, which is a warning that the seas are changing in ways that are potentially very harmful.

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