They’re adorable little animals with cute faces, but the cute sea urses that live in the Great Barrier Reef are a different story.

“There are a lot of people who think they are cute, and they can be, but it’s not a good way to introduce them to their new homes,” Dr Peter McBride, the head of the Australian Marine Mammal Commission, told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“They have to be taught how to be good home carers, how to interact with other people, how not to be in a territorial environment.”

These animals are very social animals and have to learn how to learn from each other.

“That’s not easy.”

It takes time and effort and it takes a lot to get a colony going.

“But these are very friendly, social animals that can learn from one another.”

It’s a process that involves a long-term commitment of time, money and effort, but in the short term, the marine mammals are getting their act together, and becoming increasingly popular.

But the challenges that the sea uras face are far from easy.

The reef is currently undergoing a major upgrade, and as the population increases, it is expected to overtake the mainland.

The Great Barrier, as well as the Great Lakes and South-East Asia, is also a major destination for tourists and visitors.

“The Great Pacific Barrier Reef is a great tourism draw,” Dr McBride said.

“We have more people coming to Australia to see it, and it’s getting bigger.”

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