Arab Sea, The Lad, 10 March 2018: When the crusaders were driving the Ottomans out of the Levant, they brought with them a great deal of wealth.

As a result, the Arabs, who had fought the Muslims for a millennium, became rich in all sorts of goods.

A lot of them, including slaves and food.

But the Ottoman ruler had some very sensitive ideas about Islam.

One of them was that Islam should be taught in schools, and that all the other religions should be abolished.

The Ottoman rulers wanted to make Islam as acceptable as Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism.

So the Jews were forced to convert to Islam, and the Christians and the Muslims were forced into internecine wars.

In the end, Muslims came out on top, with the exception of the Muslims who took part in the Crusaders’ campaign.

Today, Islam has become the dominant religion in the Middle East.

A Muslim woman in Beirut, Lebanon.

One of the many churches in Beirut.

Source The Lad article The Arab world’s history was written by Muslims, so the Middle Easterners who founded the Arab states are no longer in charge.

They have long since been replaced by the non-Muslim world.

Egypt, for example, has become a secular country with no Muslim majority.

Saudi Arabia has become an Islamic country.

Lebanon is secular, too, and has a Shia majority.

But its rulers have been increasingly intolerant of all minorities.

For example, they have started banning the wearing of the hijab.

It is now compulsory for women to wear the headscarf in public, and men have to remove their hair to cover their faces.

In other words, all women are being told to cover up in public.

“We are being discriminated against in many ways, including in employment, education, travel, and even the workplace,” says Abdel-Aziz Al-Rassasi, an analyst at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

“But I think there is an even more important and insidious reason.

The fact that we are Muslim is a big deal in Egypt, because the Muslim population is large and it represents a huge portion of the country’s workforce.

It also represents a large proportion of the state’s revenue.

So if you look at the government’s statistics, the government is doing its best to promote Islam in schools and other public institutions, in the workplace, and in society.”

Egypt’s president, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, has been outspoken against religion in public and has repeatedly called for the banning of all religion in Egypt.

He says the state needs to keep an open mind about religion and not to impose one on others.

But this kind of thinking and this intolerance is becoming more common, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia.

Al-Sissa, the head of the Egyptian parliament, has also warned that the country needs to get rid of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIL, a name used by the extremists in Syria and Iraq.

The group has captured swathes of Iraq, Syria, and other countries in the region.

ISIL is known for its cruelty and brutal tactics.

Saudi Arabia is also facing increasing pressure.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia’s clerics have been demanding the removal of non-Muslims from the country and for women not to wear veils in public places.

The authorities are now also cracking down on all forms of secularism.

The kingdom has a history of persecuting Christians, especially Christians in the minority Shiite Muslim kingdom of Bahrain.

So Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries have been cracking down hard on those who do not conform to its strict interpretations of Islam.

Iran is also in a different position.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the country where Shia Islam is the predominant religion, is one of the most devout and prosperous nations in the world.

It has an estimated 25 million followers.

So it was no surprise that the mullahs of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, who are the most important political and religious figures in the Islamic world, would support the creation of an Islamic republic in their country.

Many Iranians believe in an Islamic caliphate, a caliphate ruled by a single leader.

The Iranian government even has its own version of Islam called the Islamic Republic, or IRGC, that has been running since 1979.

It was banned in 1981, and then again in 1986.

It still exists today.

Today, Iran is one the most prosperous countries in North Africa and the Middle North.

It hosts some 3.2 million Muslims and has the world’s largest concentration of Muslims.

But a country of 7 million people has never had an Islamic state.

The first time Iran had an elected Islamic government was in 1979, when the country was still under British rule.

The Shah, the revered Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the founder of Iran’s Islamic revolution, had a strong grip on the country.

He had a powerful hand in appointing ministers to the

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