The world of marine life is filled with secrets.

How do you keep your marine life a mystery?

For example, a new research paper by researchers from the University of Sheffield and the University in Edinburgh describes how a person could be “rewarded” for hiding their shanty from the world.

They say that while the shanty is not an object, hiding it is one way people avoid being recognised as a shanty dweller.

This is not surprising, given that the majority of sea creatures live in or near the sea.

They need to survive in such conditions, they need food, shelter, and protection from predators.

“In a nutshell, shanties provide a way to keep people at bay in times of extreme stress,” the researchers write in their paper, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. “Shanty dwellers can live without having to worry about being recognised for being shanty-dwellers, as they can be rewarded by the sea for hiding from the outside world,” they say.

The shanty was created by a young man who wanted to keep his shanty hidden from the sea, but the researchers say he was reluctant to disclose it.

The shantys main purpose is to allow people to escape being recognised by others.

It is a hidden place that allows a person to hide from being seen, to be alone, and to be protected from others.

“It’s also a way for people to avoid detection,” said Professor Simon Leys, a researcher at the Department of Marine Science at the University, who led the study.

“It’s a way of concealing themselves, so people don’t see them.”

Shanties are generally made of corrugated cardboard and have a low waterproofing.

One common method of keeping shantests hidden is to cut the corrugations off and fill the cardboard with water and seal it.

This makes it easy to hide the shantises identity from others, especially in harsh conditions.

The researchers say the shants waterproofing can last for several years, but they recommend people seal it in a box with a small hole in the bottom so it can’t be easily cut by the elements.

For more information on sea shantays, visit the University’s website.

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