By now, you’ve probably heard the word “sea” a million times.

But do you know which water bodies are part of the sea? 

If you’ve ever been in a local park, you’ll know the answer. 

The map above is a representation of the blue areas of the ocean that are part or completely submerged. 

But when it comes to the red sea map, the blue regions of the oceans are actually part of an invisible network that connects the black water. 

It’s called the blue sea map. 

When you see the blue map in a public park, it means the water is there, but you can’t see it. 

That’s because the water layer underneath is called the “sea”. 

It means the red ocean is the ocean layer below. 

In this case, the red water is just below the surface of the water, but it’s still there. 

So the water in the water layers is invisible. 

And it’s this invisible layer of the red waters that you can see underwater. 

As the ocean layers become thicker, you can begin to see them as they become visible underwater.

When you see an invisible ocean, you know it’s there because the ocean can’t be seen. 

A good way to look at this invisible ocean is to take a photograph of a sea and then look underwater.

You can see that it’s just the ocean water below, and the red surface is still visible. 

This is the invisible ocean layer that connects the ocean to the sea. 

You can see it in real time with the camera. 

I’m not going to say which ocean layers are visible underwater, because we know that the red layers are there.

It’s a mystery how they work, but the red is invisible to us. 

Now the red color of the waters is not the same color as the ocean. 

What makes this invisible sea different is that the water below it is not invisible.

When we see the ocean below, the water appears to be moving. 

If we’re in a sea mine, we’re aware of this. 

An underwater camera will show us that the mine is moving as it falls, but if we’re underwater, we can’t tell. 

There’s an invisible red layer below the ocean in the ocean of the mine. 

Another way of thinking about it is that water is not like a glass of water.

When it’s cold, it’s not transparent. 

We can see water, because the light that reaches us is reflected off it.

But when it’s hot, it doesn’t reflect. 

These invisible layers of the underwater ocean are called the red and the blue. 

Sometimes when we look at the water that’s underwater, the surface is just a flat surface. 

Like the water of a lake, it may look like a flat plate or a pond, but underneath is an invisible water layer. 

Some people can’t recognize it because the red, blue and white are different colors.

But if you’re looking at a sea map of the area where you live, you might notice that the ocean underneath the surface looks the same as the surface.

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