With the sea of Love and Love Lost taking the top spot in the Amazon, another map of love is making its way into the headlines: The sea and love map.

The new map, by The Atlantic, has revealed some of the most common love relationships and the locations where those relationships are most likely to be.

The results are surprising: While the United States is often considered the epicenter of romantic love, it’s also the home of many relationships that go deeper than the romantic.

Here are the most popular love relationships in the U.S., based on how frequently they’re seen: The Most Common Love Relationships in the United State in 2017 The most common romantic relationships in America are those of two people who live together and share a common interest, said Mark Greenberg, a psychologist at the University of Washington who led the study.

They’re often seen in people’s bedrooms or in the homes of their close friends.

The most popular romantic relationship for adults is the romantic one between two people in a relationship, according to the study, which looked at 1,073 online profiles for more than 9,000 romantic relationships.

Greenberg’s team also looked at a wide range of romantic relationships from two to six people and found that people in relationships who were in relationships that were less frequent or less common had fewer love relationships than people in more common relationships.

The map below shows how often the most-common romantic relationships are in the US.

In the middle of the map, the blue dots indicate the top five most-popular romantic relationships, and the purple dots are the top six.

Here’s how they rank.

The Most Popular Romantic Relationships The most-completed romantic relationships The most often-concluded romantic relationships: 6.

The platonic relationship (with the same partner for most of their lives) 5.

Romantic relationship with a friend or significant other (with only a small part of the relationship happening on a regular basis) 4.

Romantic partnership with a significant other or a significant new relationship 3.

Romantic love in a close relationship 2.

Romantic/romantic relationship with someone you’ve been together with for years 1.

Romantic relationships in a long-term relationship 1.

Relationship that ends with someone proposing or saying yes to a new proposal (but not necessarily consummating it) 10.

Romantic commitment (with someone you’re in) 9.

Relationship in which you both share a significant amount of emotional intimacy, or “passion,” with each other 10.

Relationship with a new romantic partner (with a significant part of it happening on your own) 9 9 9 8.

Romantic or platonic relationships with your significant other 8.

Relationship you both agree on, but with a lot of moving parts or no significant relationship between you 8 8 8 7.

Romantic-romantic love, or platonality (in which you have no significant romantic relationship with another person) 7.

Relationship where you both have romantic or platenality relationships but have no romantic relationship at all 7 7 7 6.

Romantic and platonic love with someone else, but no significant emotional connection with eachother 6.

Relationship ending in a platonic commitment, where you are the one who is physically in love 6 6 6 5.

Relationship between two or more people, where both people share a deep connection and are very close to each other 5.

The least common romantic or romantic-romantic relationship, which is the least common and is often the first or last romantic relationship you have with someone.


One or more of the following: 1.

Unmarried relationship with only one partner 2.

Relationship lasting less than two months, but still involving a significant number of intimate personal connections 3.

Relationship of no more than one person and no romantic connection 4.

Relationship less than one-month duration 5.

Partnership of a romantic type, such as committed or committed-partnership 6.

A relationship that involves multiple partners and where you’re not in a committed relationship 6 6 3.

Long-term relationships where there are some shared emotional and/or sexual intimacy.

5 5 4.

A committed romantic relationship in which both partners share a large amount of affection and are extremely committed to eachother 5.

A long-distance relationship where there is some degree of romantic commitment, but where both partners are very committed to their partners.

5 3 4 5.

An arranged romantic relationship that does not involve the actual engagement of the parties involved 5 5 5 The most important thing to note about the study is that it doesn’t take into account the actual physical connection between the parties.

It’s not the only relationship study that has shown that people’s romantic relationships may have a lot to do with the physical location they live.

Other studies have also shown that some relationships are stronger when they are closer to home, such a relationships between someone with a romantic partner and their parents, or a relationship with their partner who is also a parent.

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