The baby sea urchin is a rare sea otting species found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia’s South West.

Photo: ABC News.

It has the most powerful jaws of any sea ottery.

Its powerful jaws are designed to tear open shellfish.

They can break apart an eggshell and swallow it whole, then rip the shell apart and rip out the insides.

The baby sea is a tiny creature with only a few hundred eggs.

“Its pretty much like a human being in a way,” Sea Shepherd spokesperson Greg Bongiovanni said.

Sea Shepherd spokesperson and marine mammal advocate Greg Bongsley said the baby is extremely rare and is one of the few marine mammals that is not protected by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The IUCN lists baby sea rats as “critically endangered”.

“It is really rare to see an otter in the wild, and we’ve got no idea how many there are in the world,” Mr Bongsani said.

“I’d like to see it come out into the wild so we can find out exactly what it is.”

Sea Life Australia says the baby otter is the largest of its kind.

‘The first otter we’ve seen in Australia’ The Australian Museum has been tracking the sea otty for more than a decade.

In September 2018, an IUCNC World Watch List named it one of 10 sea ottits that needed protection.

Mr Bongscianni said while the IUCNS list is still under review, Sea Shepherd Australia has been trying to track down the baby to see if it is the same species as the one found in Australia.

“The first we’ve heard of it is when we came across it,” he said.

Sea Shepherd Australia says there are at least 2,000 baby sea turtles in the ocean, but only around 2,500 hatch.

This photo of a baby sea turtle was taken in the southern Indian Ocean.

Photo : ABC News .

The organisation says the hatchlings have been born in the nets of the giant white-tailed sea turtles that are considered the world’s largest sea turtle.

But Sea Shepherd has not been able to track the baby turtles down because of the restrictions of the International Convention on Biological Diversity (ICBD).

“We can’t go to the Indian ocean to see them,” Mr D’Arcy said.

He said the organisation has been working with the IWC, which oversees the ICBD, to try to find the hatchling hatch.

“They’re very small, very fragile and we’re trying to find out where it is and get it out of the nets,” he explained.

“We’re trying our best to get them to come back to the breeding site, but unfortunately we can’t get them back to breeding because the nets are too big.”

Sea Shepherd’s efforts have so far focused on a nearby fishing area off the north coast of New South Wales, where a mother sea turtle laid one of its eggs.

The hatchling sea turtle is the world champion in the breeding season of the ICPBD.

The group said it hoped to eventually get the baby back to its breeding site.

“In the next few months, we’re hoping to get the hatchler back into the nets and maybe it can be a bit of a trophy that’s in there somewhere,” Mr Lillis said.


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