Vitamin sea is a superfood that contains vitamin E, vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium, all of which help to protect your cells from damage from UV rays.

In fact, a recent study found that vitamin sea can actually help your body fight cancer, according to ABC News.

Vitamin sea can also boost energy levels, help reduce blood pressure and prevent a wide range of other conditions.

The good news is that it is easy to get started with vitamin sea, but be warned that you should never eat more than three servings per day and it is best to stay away from processed foods that contain fish.

Vitamin seas are also super cheap, ranging from about $0.75 per serving to $1 per serving, according the ABC News article.

Vitamin Sea also contains some important nutrients like B12, iron, vitamin E and manganese.

Read on to learn more about how vitamin sea works, how to make it and the best vitamins to get in your diet.


Vitamin E Vitamin E is one of the most common natural antioxidants in the world.

It’s made from the skin of the olive tree and is a form of vitamin A. Vitamin e also has many other benefits, including protecting the skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

Studies have shown that people who eat vitamin e have lower risk of skin cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Vitamin C Vitamin C is a chemical compound found in the skin and hair of humans, animals and plants.

It plays an important role in helping our bodies metabolize food and regulate body temperature.

Vitamin c also helps protect the body against UV radiation and can protect your eyes from damaging UV rays, according ABC News (subscription required).

Vitamin C also helps to boost energy level and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

It helps protect against many chronic conditions like depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

The best part is that vitamin c is found in virtually all foods, including the food you are eating, according National Geographic.

So if you want to feel more energized and healthier, you can start by incorporating vitamin c in your meals.


Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 is another antioxidant that can help protect the skin, bones, joints and muscles from the damaging effects of the sun.

Vitamin b12 is also found in many vitamins and minerals, and is important for healthy heart and brain function.

Studies show that vitamin b12 can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Studies also have shown a link between vitamin b6 and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and a lower risk for diabetes, according CBS News.

Studies of vitamin b10 and b12 also show that they help to lower blood pressure, improve mood, prevent diabetes and Alzheimer-related dementia, according Food & Wine.


Vitamin D Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent the buildup of free radicals that damage the cells of the body.

Vitamin d helps protect cells from damaging ultraviolet light and other damaging radiation, according Animal Welfare Institute.

Vitamin and vitamin D also work together to prevent a build-up of free radical in the body, according a study published in Nature Communications.

The antioxidants also help prevent free radicals from attacking the heart and other organs.


Iron The minerals iron, zinc, manganite and selenium are essential to your body’s defense against damage caused by UV rays and other radiation.

The researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that those with higher levels of these minerals in their blood have lower levels of free-radical damage, according NPR.

Studies in the lab have also found that higher levels can help prevent and reverse certain types and levels of cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases.

Vitamin A The most important vitamin in your body, vitamin A helps to help protect your skin from damaging rays from the UV rays by absorbing some of the UV energy, according

Vitamin a also helps the body convert certain types, including vitamin B1 and B6 into more oxygen, according Natural News.

You can also make vitamin A in your own body using some of these methods.


Vitamin K This essential mineral plays an essential role in the production of DNA and other proteins.

Vitamin k also helps your body to repair damaged cells, according Scientific American.

Vitamin kelp can be used to help with wound healing, according Nature News.


Vitamin Zinc Zinc helps to protect the cells from the damage caused when ultraviolet radiation hits the body from the Sun, according ScienceDaily.

Vitamin zinc helps your immune system fight off viruses and other infections, according The Huffington Post.


Manganese Mangan, a type of iron, helps your bones to maintain their strength, according BBC News.

Manganeese helps to build strong bones, according Discovery Health.


Vitamin N Calcium is a mineral found in meat, dairy, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds.

Vitamin n helps to improve your immune and digestive systems, according NBC News.


Vitamin M Vitamin M is also a mineral and helps protect your brain, according New Scientist.

Vitamin m helps to regulate the

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