We live in a sea of animals and I want to see some of them.

So, here are the sea shanty songs from the past and the ones I really want to hear.


Bluebell, “Bluebell” 2.

The Whistle, “The Whistle” 3.

The Sea Lion, “Sea Lion” 4.

The Seahorse, “Seahorse” 5.

The Whale, “Whale” 6.

The Mermaid, “Mermaid” 7.

The White Dolphin, “White Dolphin” 8.

The Shark, “Shark” 9.

The Dolphin, in a state of perpetual suspense, “Dolphin” 10.

The Eagle, “Eagle” 11.

The Snake, “Snake” 12.

The Cat, “Cat” 13.

The Wolf, in the throes of a panic attack, “Wolf” 14.

The Penguin, in pursuit of a quarry, “Penguin” 15.

The Elephant, “Elephant” 16.

The Dog, in need of food, “Dog” 17.

The Horse, in search of a mate, “Horse” 18.

The Tiger, in his cave, “Tiger” 19.

The Owl, in flight, “Owl” 20.

The Monkey, in desperation, “Monkey” 21.

The Lion, in danger, “Lion” 22.

The Pig, in distress, “Poison” 23.

The Frog, in pain, “Frog” 24.

The Cow, in fear, “Cow” 25.

The Bear, in agony, “Bear” 26.

The Rat, in anguish, “Rat” 27.

The Squid, in suffering, “Squid” 28.

The Crab, in discomfort, “Crab” 29.

The Hippopotamus, in terror, “Herpes” 30.

The Duck, in anger, “Anger” 31.

The Rabbit, in fury, “Rabbit” 32.

The Spider, in ecstasy, “Spider” 33.

The Scorpion, in delight, “Comic book” 34.

The Sheep, in confusion, “Stomachache” 35.

The Fish, in awe, “Pain” 36.

The Chicken, in disgust, “Chicken” 37.

The Bird, in shock, “Charm” 38.

The Squirrel, in sorrow, “Sorrow” 39.

The Goat, in horror, “Fear” 40.

The Mouse, in despair, “Horror” 41.

The Animal, in grief, “Worry” 42.

The Tree, in dismay, “Despair” 43.

The Cockroach, in sadness, “Cockroach” 44.

The Jellyfish, in rage, “Jellyfish” 45.

The Octopus, in anxiety, “Panic” 46.

The Turtle, in bewilderment, “Disgust” 47.

The Rock, in worry, “Rock” 48.

The Water, in panic, “Water” 49.

The Sun, in gloom, “Sun” 50.

The Moon, in joy, “Moon” 51.

The Ant, in happiness, “Ant” 52.

The Butterfly, in stress, “Confusion” 53.

The Caterpillar, in frustration, “Delusion” 54.

The Bee, in boredom, “Bud” 55.

The Worm, in irritation, “Urge” 56.

The Bat, in depression, “Depression” 57.

The Zombie, in dread, “Dead” 58.

The Bull, in uncertainty, “Death” 59.

The Devil, in remorse, “Necessity” 60.

The God, in shame, “Devil” 61.

The Goddess, in surprise, “Neutral” 62.

The Dragon, in wonder, “Wonder” 63.

The Beast, in amazement, “Magic” 64.

The Ghost, in relief, “Relief” 65.

The Demon, in humiliation, “Sadness” 66.

The Skeleton, in doubt, “Grief” 67.

The Vampire, in hope, “Hope” 68.

The Unicorn, in excitement, “Excitement” 69.

The Witch, in guilt, “Guilt” 70.

The Werewolf, in misery, “Trauma” 71.

The Monster, in loss, “Lost” 72.

The Clown, in curiosity, “Concern” 73.

The Human, in astonishment, “Uncomfortable” 74.

The Dinosaur, in amusement, “Fun” 75.

The Bug, in unease, “Suspicion” 76.

The Man, in embarrassment, “Blame” 77.

The Kid, in concern, “Love” 78.

The Dwarf, in disappointment, “Not enough” 79.

The Teenage Girl, in annoyance, “Compliment” 80.

The Giant, in regret, “Regret” 81.

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