In the middle of the Amazon, where people are literally dying to get to the sea, there is a small fishing village.

It is called the Ternagat, and its a place where the locals know their way around a boat.

The village has an impressive collection of boats.

It’s not unusual to find the fishermen who have spent decades in the fishing industry.

But this is the first time that one of them has built a boat, in the Tarnas Sea, and it’s a marvel to behold.

The Ternas is the world record holder for the largest single-seater fishing boat.

It stands almost 11 meters (30ft) tall.

In this photo, a boat is being driven by a small boat in the middle.

It looks like a giant fish with a massive tail.

The crew of the boat are a small family of five.

The boat is made of wood and is the size of a house.

It weighs around 400 kilograms (780lbs).

It has two crew members, a man and a woman.

The men work on the main engine and the women work on a motor.

The women are carrying the fuel for the motor, which is the only thing that drives the boat.

A lot of the crew is made up of indigenous people.

Some of them live in the village for generations, but a lot of them have never been on a boat before.

They have no experience of living on a fishing boat, and they are very proud.

A woman works on the boat in front of it.

It has a wooden hull.

There are also two large nets.

This is a typical scene at the Tarna fishing village in the Amazon.

It was filmed in August 2017, and is one of the highlights of the trip.

The fishermen in the photo are working in the fields.

They are making a living fishing in the open ocean, and their work is very important to the local economy.

A young woman from the village is holding the fishing rod and her hand.

A large crowd is gathered on the side of the road.

This scene was filmed by the Portuguese television channel Abril.

Here, the Terenas is surrounded by a large group of tourists.

The locals are smiling as they watch the scene.

The fishing boat is surrounded on all sides by a beautiful view of the Trenas Sea.

The scene is quite dramatic.

The moment the boat is driven into the sea and the locals are happy to see the scene, the entire village is in a happy mood.

There is a lot to be excited about, in this case.

The fisherman and the boat have a history of having a strong connection with the Amazon’s indigenous population.

This has been the case for generations.

The indigenous people of Ternascat are the only people to have built a fishing village on the same river.

They do it because they believe in the potential of this river and it is very special to them.

This fishing village was built by the TERNAS fishing village, in a way that it is like a family.

It serves as an important reminder for the indigenous people, the locals and the tourists who visit the village every day.

The history of the fishing village is very clear.

The first fishing boat built by a Ternasa, in 1996, was a huge fishing boat made of red clay, made from the remains of the previous owners.

It took 20 years to complete.

The second one, the bigger and more modern boat, took a little longer.

They were completed in 2008, but the first one had a small engine, a diesel engine and a wooden sail.

It weighed around 800 kilograms (1,200lbs).

The second boat had a bigger engine, the same size as the original, but it also had a large sail.

The wooden sail on the third boat, however, was replaced with a modern wooden sail made from a metal pipe.

This was the biggest sail in the world.

The size of the sail has always influenced the construction of the bigger boats.

The big wooden sail that had the biggest diameter was installed in 1996 and was replaced by a smaller one in 2012.

The smaller sail had the diameter of a basketball.

In the pictures below, we can see how the sails are laid out in the traditional way, with the sail in front.

This allows for a more horizontal position for the boat and allows the fisherman to catch more fish.

The boats were driven by an 18-wheeler.

The small wooden sail is visible on the bottom of the canoe.

The red clay used in the construction was from the river Tarnavac.

The river Ternavac is the largest in the region.

This river is the source of the river Tigre, which runs through the Tarenta region.

The Tigre is one the most important rivers in the country, and therefore the Tigre River is known to many in the indigenous communities.

This huge river flows through the entire Ternaccas Amazon and the Tidal Basin region

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