A new wave of luxury beach bars are popping up across the country, with some promising a taste of the luxury of the past and some promising to take the beach back.

In recent years, a trend of cheap luxury goods has been building up around the world, and in recent years a new wave has been forming in Australia.

The trend is known as “luxury beach bar”, and the trend has now taken on a globalised flavour.

While there are some good-quality luxury beach bar brands out there, we’d like to highlight a few of our favourites.

The Beach BarAt least three Australian luxury beach beach bar outlets are on the rise.

This week, the Brisbane boutique The Beach Bar has launched its first Australian location in Melbourne.

In a statement on its website, the boutique said it was set to open its first Melbourne location on December 1.

Its owners, the owners of the Surf Club, have been keen to launch their own beach bar in Melbourne and said they were looking to “put together a menu that is accessible to the whole family”.

The Beach Club’s menu includes cocktails, seafood, and desserts.

Its website states that the bar will be “offering our guests an alternative to the fast food restaurant experience”.

“We want to serve as much as possible in-house with all our ingredients, so it’s not just a beach party, it’s a beach place,” the website states.

The beach bar, located in the heart of Melbourne’s busy CBD, has a menu of “limited menu items” including the “french classics”, a selection of salads and desserts, and “the best seafood available”.

In an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne, The Beach Club founder, Michael Schmidle, said the concept was inspired by the French luxury resort and the beach.

“It’s a way of saying that we’re not trying to be an exclusive club.

We’re trying to provide a beach for everybody,” he said.”

We have a great menu, but we have to also cater for everybody.”

The Beach bar has been serving customers since 2012, when it opened its first store in Brisbane.

“This was the first time that we opened our first store and it’s been fantastic,” Mr Schmidles told ABC Radio.

“We’re very proud to be the first one in the city of Brisbane.”

The new store has attracted interest from the likes of James Packer, the owner of The Gossip, and former Melbourne mayor, Matt Kean.

A Melbourne-based travel agency is currently working with The Beach bar to build a range of “luxurious” beach bars in Melbourne’s CBD.

A spokesperson for The Beach, which was established in 2014, said it would continue to expand the menu.

“Our focus right now is to build new restaurants and retail space,” the spokesperson said.

“These restaurants and retailers are all geared towards a broader range of dining and entertainment options.”

While some of the beach bar’s current locations have a menu similar to a restaurant, the current Melbourne location of The Beach has no such menu.

The Sydney outlet of The Great Escape is a luxury beach and cocktail bar, with a “fancy cocktail menu” for “everyone”.

The outlet’s website claims its menu includes “special cocktails, a selection from the bar’s chef’s bar, and some premium wines”.

The Great Escape has not opened a Melbourne location.

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