The salt industry is in the grip of a new reality: The salt used in baking is being sold in a lot of different places, from restaurants and grocery stores to supermarkets.

The salt we consume comes from three different sources: ocean waters, ground-water and surface waters.

It also comes from various mines and land mines, including salt pits in Australia.

In Australia, salt is mined in the Gold Coast, the North West, the South West, and in the northern New South Wales region.

The mines are owned by a consortium of companies called the Salt Lake City Salt Company.

Salt is mined from rock-rich salt deposits known as strata, which can be mined for hundreds of years.

In the Gold, the salt is used in the preparation of bread, cheese, meat, rice and other products.

The salt used to make salt in Australia is a byproduct of the salt production process.

The first strata salt was produced in 1862.

Today, the Gold and Salt Salt strata is mined for commercial and residential use.

Salt in Australia comes from two sources: sea water and ground-waters.

The ground- waters is the salt used by the sea to generate power, for example.

Ground-water is mined by a different group of companies.

The first stratum salt was mined in 1863.

Today it is a major part of the supply of the Gold Country.

It is mined near Goldfields, where the strata are dug to create salt beds that provide power.

The Salt Lake Salt Company has a contract with the Commonwealth Government to supply the salt needed to make the salt.

The company also mines for salt in the Pilbara region, south-east of Perth, and around the Great Salt Lake.

The Gold Coast salt is from the Pilbaran Strata mine.

It comes from the salt deposits in the Northern Territory and South Australia.

The Pilbara Strata salt is dug to produce a salt deposit that is then used in making commercial salt.

The Pilbara salt is also mined near the Goldfields salt pit.

The Goldfields Salt Pit is also owned by the Salt River Salt Company, and produces salt from a salt bed.

Salt mines are also mined in New South England.

The coal-mining town of Marlborough in South Australia is also a salt mine.

The mining company, which produces about 15 per cent of the global salt supply, is owned by an Australian mining company called The Murray Salt Company Limited.

The mining company produces a variety of salt-producing processes.

It produces salt by the use of a number of different processes, including sulphur-extraction, salt-extracting from sand, salt processing and the removal of sulfate.

The process produces about 40 per cent salt.

Salt mining also produces salt that is processed into the commercial product of baking.

Salt processing is used to produce salt that has a distinct taste.

The product is sold in the commercial baking industry as “salt-lite”.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says that about 25 per cent is mined and processed in Australia for commercial baking.

The remaining 25 per a percentage of the commercial salt is sourced from other countries.

Australian consumers are buying about 70 per cent more salt than in 2010, the year the global population rose by 1.2 per cent.

This has led to a rise in demand for salt.

It has also led to increasing demand for sodium-containing products.

In 2009, Australia consumed about 100 million tonnes of salt, which was more than half the world’s salt supply.

The global market for salt doubled from 2003 to 2009.

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