A New Age, a New Life: A New World of the Sea Bass

A new world of the sea bass is beginning in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.While some marine mammals are already thriving in the region, many of the species that once thrived here are now extinct.The new world is thriving because of humans and the pollution and overfishing that are wreaking havoc on the sea.Some of […]

How to write a new song about the sea with a dragon?

It’s the same problem, with the sea, and the sun.The sun shines brightly on the water, and you can see it shining on the ocean.But what if the sun were to suddenly stop shining?What if the sea were to go completely dark?The sea breeze cocktail is a way of dealing with the dilemma, and it’s […]

What you need to know about sea monsters

In the last century, the sea has been invaded by a variety of marine life, many of which are unknown.Sea monsters are among them, with their jaws, teeth and scales that are the largest of any creature on the planet.But despite being one of the largest marine predators, they are also vulnerable to human exploitation. In […]

Sea scallop caught off Australia’s north coast may have died of starvation

Posted July 06, 2018 05:02:33 A sea scallope caught off the coast of Western Australia may have succumbed to starvation, according to scientists.The species is one of the most endangered species in the world.“It’s very hard to get sea scalls,” said the Queensland University of Technology’s Dr. David Silliman.“They’re very tough.They’re incredibly resilient.”Researchers from the […]

Which is the baby sea otters?

The baby sea urchin is a rare sea otting species found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia’s South West.Photo: ABC News.It has the most powerful jaws of any sea ottery.Its powerful jaws are designed to tear open shellfish.They can break apart an eggshell and swallow it whole, then rip the shell apart […]

Why do people think they are healthy and vitamin sea?

Vitamin sea is a superfood that contains vitamin E, vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium, all of which help to protect your cells from damage from UV rays.In fact, a recent study found that vitamin sea can actually help your body fight cancer, according to ABC News.Vitamin sea can also boost energy levels, help reduce blood […]

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