Posted September 29, 2018 11:59:17 When it comes to sea turtles, there is no rule that says you can’t take them on your kayak.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to keep a close eye on them.

“If you want to be safe, you should be able to have an understanding of their behaviour and know when to step in to prevent any unnecessary injuries,” said Dr. David Ewing, a marine mammal biologist at the University of Sydney’s College of Marine and Environmental Sciences.

Ewing said the safest bet is to keep the turtle in a shallow water and be prepared to put your body weight on top of it if it falls into the water.

He also advises taking extra caution when taking in a turtle that’s swimming near shore, since there is a chance the turtle could bite.

“A large water snake may be trying to bite you, or maybe it’s just trying to get away from you,” Ewing said.

The biggest danger is when turtles are swimming in an area where people or other wildlife are present.

“The turtles are in areas where people and wildlife are going to be around, so they are likely to be in close proximity,” Ering said.

Turtles are known to be territorial, so keep your distance.

And if you’re going to take a turtle, make sure it doesn’t attack you.

“You can’t let a turtle do that,” Ewick said.

Ewing also suggests keeping your distance when fishing, since turtles can be very territorial. “

So if you can keep the turtles away from the shore, they should be fine.”

Ewing also suggests keeping your distance when fishing, since turtles can be very territorial.

“A lot of people are fishing from boats, so the turtles will be watching where you’re at,” Ewings said.

If you have a large turtle, it’s important to keep it away from your boat and out of the water so it can’t bite.

And to keep yourself safe, Ewing recommends keeping your camera in a locked container when you’re taking pictures.

“Be aware of what turtles can see, and if you are using a camera with a flash, make it hard for the turtle to see what you’re shooting,” Ehing said.

When it comes back, Ewings also suggests using a “lighter” to capture your video, because turtles are so territorial.

And remember, when you get back home, you can always get rid of the turtle.

Ewing says to get rid in a safe way, you shouldn’t kill it.

“Just give it a quick death,” Eying said.© 2018 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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