Trump’s daughter Ivanka says she doesn’t want her father’s name on the UN’s climate summit

Ivanka Trump’s father is no stranger to international meetings and is no strangers to making international headlines.But his daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been more than willing to step into the spotlight, using her father as a cautionary tale for anyone looking to take on the world’s biggest problems.Ivanka Trump said she doesn�t want to be […]

How to get the most out of a solar sail project

Next Big Futures: Solar sail project, a solar-powered boat designed to power a solar power plant, has been awarded a patent.The Solar Sail Project, which is now based in the UK, has the potential to produce more than 1.2 million kilowatts of electricity per day from solar power, as well as a solar array of […]

What do you do when you have a rash? It depends!

Lice are the most common form of skin disease in humans, and can be caused by anything from the everyday things like eating to the most extreme, like catching a cold.Lice can also cause infections, which can lead to death.The most common reason for lice being found on the skin is the common cold, but […]

The Great Black Sea Map Is Not a Black and White Sea: This Map of the Black Sea is Not a Map of Black and Blue sea

In the early 1900s, two young American men, Samuel B. Brown and Charles H. Dyer, devised a map of the sea.They used black and white images to create a map.The results are now considered the greatest sea map ever made.The two men had a vision: to make a map that is the best sea map […]

This baby sea dog is a total jerk!

If you’ve ever watched the show Breaking Bad, you’ve probably seen a lot of the “bad guys” in the show being bad guys.But what does that even mean?We all know who they are.That’s right, the bad guys in Breaking Bad are just bad guys and don’t do anything except do what they are told.That includes, […]

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