DALLAS — It is a common sight for Dallas Stars defenseman Kevin Franson to walk to the locker room in the morning.

He’s usually there for an autograph or a phone call.

But Wednesday was different.

It was the first time he’s not been able to work out since his Dec. 1 concussion.

Franson went into the locker-room in Dallas’ dressing room in full gear.

When he got there, he noticed he was not able to put on a pair of shorts.

It was the second time this season that he’s had to wear shorts.

So he’s been wearing a pair for the past couple of days.

“He’s got to take a break, he said.

The coach and the trainer have been calling and texting me every day.”

He said he’ll get through this, but he will have to put some pressure on himself to do better in practice.

“It’s definitely something that I’m going to have to get through.

I think I need to get my body moving.

I’m not the same player I was before, but I need that extra push to get to that next level.”

The coach and trainer were not available for comment Thursday.

The Stars said they were aware of Franson’s situation.

The team did not elaborate on how much he’ll miss in practice and will monitor the severity of his symptoms in the days ahead.

Fiala will have a few days off with the concussion.

He is out with a groin strain, but said he will be back.

“I’m really excited,” he said before Thursday’s game.

“I’m just excited for the next game.

We’re looking forward to playing with some of the other young guys that we’re playing against.

It’s a tough game against a very good team.

We just have to be ready and get ready for it.”

The Stars are 6-1-0 when Fialamos playing.

That includes a 3-0 win against Nashville last Friday.

He has nine goals and 19 points in 31 games this season.

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