A record Antarctic ice loss in 2016 prompted the European Space Agency to declare a “sea anomaly” that has persisted for five years.

A total of 1.45 million square miles of sea ice cover has been lost since the year 2000, a record-high loss of ice that has led to an unprecedented sea-ice cover loss in the Antarctic Peninsula and its associated glaciers, scientists said Wednesday.

The Antarctic Sea Ice Loss (ASL) is a global trend in ice cover that is linked to the global warming trend of the last 10 years, according to the ASL study.

The ASL is a record in the number of square miles (m3) of ice loss per year in Antarctica, according the study.

Antarctic sea ice is now at a record low for the third year in a row.

The Antarctic sea-level rise has also increased by an average of 5.3 millimeters per year since 1998, the study found.

This year’s sea ice loss of 2.65 million square feet is the lowest since the study began collecting sea ice data in 2014.

This year’s total loss of sea- ice cover was 3.6 million square foot more than the previous record-setting year in 2014, when 3.1 million square yard sea ice covered the entire Antarctic Peninsula, the researchers said.

The ice loss occurred because of warmer temperatures in the Southern Ocean, which led to more intense winds and waves.

“The Antarctic Peninsula is warming more rapidly than anywhere else on Earth, and is the fastest-warming region on the planet,” said lead author of the ASl study, Andrea Raine, a research associate at the University of Leeds.

This is one of the fastest warming zones on the globe, and we are seeing a large part of the Antarctic meltwater coming from this region.

The loss of this sea ice in 2016 was the fifth consecutive year of a record sea ice increase, the scientists said.

The previous record year was 2014, which set a record for the lowest sea ice decline since satellite measurements began in 1988.

Sea ice loss has been recorded in all regions of the Southern Hemisphere, but has been a major focus for scientists since its discovery in 1998.

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, sea ice extent reached a record high of 1,891,000 square miles in 2016.

It was the second-lowest year on record.

In 2016, Antarctica had the highest average amount of sea level rise in the world at 3.2 millimeters, according data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The meltwater from Antarctica has contributed to melting the continent’s ice sheets, contributing to sea level rises of about 3 feet and rising sea levels around the world, the ASS study said.

A record-breaking 2016 sea ice retreat was also attributed to the meltwater that has entered the atmosphere from Antarctica, the report said.

That was partly due to warmer temperatures and a higher amount of warm air from the Arctic Ocean.

The research paper was published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances.

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